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>>scriptures were never intended to be read in isolation - they are a book for the community to be read in community.

Did these "wise friends" (do hope you're not referring to the Bible in 2 Years zoomer scriptura wingnuts!) offer any evidence for that opinion? The reformers surely thought that *everyone* should read The Bible, which in no way makes reading any less of a solitary activity; I think people often lack the courage and honesty to go with scripture and conscience, and are attracted to the (heretical) idea that popular=right. Party lines are exactly that. Strange that nominal Sola Scriptura types , rejecting Magisterium, become worshippers of Community 'Reading' (although there's lots of inadvertent comedy in the exegis=what me and my mates do, eisegis=what heretical others do arrogant nonsense)


Hi Ryan - good to hear from you!

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear: I don't mean to say that we shoudn't read the bible alone - of course we should. But I was higlighting the importance of reading with others: both as a source of encouragement and accountability, but also because of the community nature which was often the original intention of much of scripture - i.e. much of it was letters, prophecies etc about a particular community for a particular community. If we don't recognise that then we are in risk of doing the eisegesis of which you are wary (and rightly so!).

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