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Just woke up, and my blog reader has Christmas posts by yourself, David and Kelvin! Is it official pisky policy or something? o{];-).

Many happy returns to you and your family. Hope being in teuchtary ayr means you have even more seasonal snow than Glasgow! :)


- - and we have seen that glory! Amazing grace that gives us these glimpses of what the eternal glory will be.

Kelvin Holdsworth

There was something that bugged me about this post when I first read it, but its taken me a week to come back to it and try and work it out.

Was it really Athanasius?

I think it was Gregory of Nazianzus.

By the way, I've been to a shrine claiming the relics of Athanasius. (It was rather smelly).

annie t

And Gregory's theology is totally opposed to the Docetist view that Wesley's use of the word 'veiled' seems to imply... I never sing that line for that reason.
(Athanasius said by the way 'He was made man that we might be made like Him')


You are right Kelvin! I actually realised at the time of posting but didn't have time to delve into whether or not Athanasius may have said something similar/close to it to which my friend was referring.

It's interesting what you say, Annie - I had wondered about "veiled" myself as it does seem to open up the possibility of someone thinking that we believe that Jesus was not fully human. But it also seems that the next bit makes it clear that Jesus was man rather than merely having human appearance but not actually being human.

Perhaps a good post on a more popular blog than this - hint, hint - would be looking for comments on lines of hymns (or dare I say it, within the liturgy!) that people avoid saying for various reasons...

annie t

Ah well.. now you have got me started! "Faith believes nor questions how" is one of my major close-the-hymnbook-for-this-bit moments! And there are others! Perhaps the Provost's blog can take this up - I don't reckon mine is that popular.

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