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Getting 75% of your books from Wesley Owen doesn't sound broad to me! ;-) Driscoll gives neocon fundamentalists a bad (well, worse) name, but hope you enjoy HH's encyclical! And hope you're taking advantage of the fact that clergy, like students, have the sort of easy schedule that permits staying up all night for The Ashes! ;-)


I think you'd probably find that Wesley Owen stock a wider range than you realise - the Bishop was impressed at the sub-title of the Mclaren book so it can't be that far off a piskie reading list! I'm thinking I might review them as I read and see if they can get into Inspires... (And Mclaren and Driscoll in the same bag is relatively broad.) (And why pay for the encyclical in a shop when you can download it for free?!)

Can't believe the start to the cricket - was hoping I'd wake up to either them all out, or us storming on with wickets in hand. Oh well...


Actually met bishop at Glasgow Uni's weekly Eucharist - gather that they invite a different pisky priest each week, so might eventually see you officiating there!

Wesley Owen does cover a lot, but no RC/liberal stuff - it should, in the interests of honesty in advertising, call itself an 'Evangelical' rather than 'Mere' Christian bookstore!

In fairness, the great Shane "One of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Century *and* Starred in an Episode of Neighbours!" Warne thinks England are only about 40 off par. Swann might skittle some aussies tonight. Something to pray for, anyway... ;-)

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