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Kelvin Holdsworth

By and large, I'd agree that for most young people denominations mean completely nothing. However, against that, I'd say that for the general population, denominations mean nothing much at all.

I'm also aware that for the young people who have been to our Scottish Episcopal Youth Camps in the summer, denomination seems to matter a very great deal indeed.


""""Who should we be working with?" The church that happens to be the same denomination, or the church that shares the same values and understandings of faith and mission?

Can't you do both? It's often said (e.g. by Kelvin) that worshipping with those one disagrees with is one of the defining features of Anglicanism (and you still get evangementalist/Anglo-Catholic groups banding together on certain issues, despite them not being natural bedfellows!). This is one of the (many!) reasons why the proposed Anglican Covenant is such pernicious nonsense (and surely someone who nearly played rugby for England would agree that Her Majesty the Queen, not homophobic african bishops, is the rightful temporal head of the C of E! :-)).

>>>>it's theology and style suit where they are at

Hmm, isn't that potentially a bit worldly and selfish tho? Someone deciding (for example) that they 'like' electric guitar and dislike the sacraments sounds a bit like the 'dictatorship of relativism' that Pope Benny (and many evangelicals) condemn..... You do get people who say they'd worship at any church but, if they really mean that 'I'd worship at a bunch of churches that are like each other, but I'd never go to one that wasn't to my taste' , then I'm not sure if their attitude is one of being " fired up about the greatness of a global God and the unstoppable purpose of a sovereign King."

Glad you're back blogging, and hope you're well! :-)

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