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Your sermon was one of the highlights of the weekend for me, Nick. Very well done. You have such a lovely style when you're preaching - it's very *you*.

I agree that something on Saturday needs to be dropped - I was completely shattered by the time I got home yesterday evening, and getting into Edinburgh for a 9.00 class this morning very nearly didn't happen (but it was Mike Fuller's class, so I had to go!)


Thanks, Kate. That's encouraging to hear.

What does Mike teach you at uni?

We had a vestry meeting last night that didn't end until 10.30pm (I need to go as part of my work, not as a 'regular' member) and we've got ministry reflection tonight! I'm looking forward to next weekend and a wee rest!


Mike teaches Theology and Contemporary Science - very interesting but a bit much at 9 on a Monday morning.

Your schedule sounds ruthless - I hope you get some rest. I wound up in bed at 9.30 last night! (And I thought we were supposed to be the young, energetic ones in the group!)

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