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Nice to know there are some Scottish Anglicans who love the game played in heaven!
I am an Scaussie Anglican minister in Oz. Lived in Scotland for two years. Though did not get the chance to visit St Silas, though did so 15 years ago!
I think when it comes to outreach I tend to keep this in mind:
1. Know the soil (know your culture so that you can contextualise the gospel)
2. Honour God (don't fall into pragmatism or bait n switch. Be up front about what we are doing and why we are doing).
3. Love people (sounds obvious - I remember seeing the same sort of guys in Glasgow, down near Borders Bookshop, they were preaching pretty hard - but they seemed angry, they did not appear to be loving). When I approached them (to try and encourage them), they tested me to see if I was really a Christian. Perhaps having an Australian accent they thought I was a criminal).
4. Pray!!! (again & again & again...)
5. Become friends with non-Christians - I know too many Christians (myself included) who hardly have any non-Christian friends. I used to have some good chats with the blokes I used to surf with. I imagine the blokes you play rugby with provides opportunities.

Check out this vid, I posted on my blog -

Praying for you guys in Glasgow. I have a heart for this city, (Mum is from Mary Hill). Worked as a youth minister with the scary Kirk from 04-06.


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