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Had a great time last night and I agree, it was wonderful to feel part of a large and very welcoming community and to talk of something bigger. Maybe society just needs a taste of that tarka dhal.


Interesting. I'm not sure that iPod use necessarily indicates solipsism and/or a culture of increased loneliness; there's a danger, I think, for people who are naturally gregarious to assume that everyone else is. I know quite a few people who, all things considered, would prefer to be left alone to contemplate and pray in a new church, rather than being attacked with handshakes and hugs! Loneliness isnt' the same thing as being alone, either - a person without many churchy 'friends' might have loads of real ones (which, given the importance of authenticity, is no bad thing!). 'Do onto others' doesn't mean the same thing to introverts as extroverts; there's a lot to be said for respecting others' privacy in the hope that they'll reciprocate. Remember, when the UK was a more (nominally) Christian place, it was not exactly marked by US youth culture style overemotionalism! People go to coffee shops (in many cases) for peace and quiet (and coffee). To paraphrase Cheers: sometimes you wanna go to a place where nobody knows your name ;-).

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