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Simon Varwell

A very thought-provoking and sensitively-written post, Nick. Thanks (and Happy New Year!).


3 blog posts in one week! And one of them on Gay Marriage! Get you :-)

>>>>"On the day of the wedding the groom's lover makes one final attempt to stop him from marrying his fiancee. In his attempt to do this he says something along the lines of, "You're denying who you are..." to which the response came (and I paraphrase): "I am also a son, a brother, a friend and a Muslim..." I found this incredibly moving: yes, this man is gay, but that isn't all that he is. I get the impression sometimes that sexuality is often seen as the defining feature. Which it isn't."

Indeed, but this views suggest that Muslim/Gay are inherently dichotomous, which, in is reflected in the (Christian world, where some people think they have to choose between their sexuality and their faith. A misapprehension (and one that also, in fairness, applies to some in the gay world who see any kind of gay Christianity as like a Jew embracing Nazism). Ultimately, wouldn't you say that you *can't* be a gay Christian if - as is implied above - you regard the term gay as unbiblical and ideological? And that people regard same-sexuality as provocative, outrageous etc doesn't mean that it is so - am sure there's many gay Christian couples who would long for a day when they can have a same-sex blessing, without having to fend off 'but how can you be gay and Christian?!" 'that's sick and wrong!' responses. Ultimately, if the Christian world was less heterosexist and homophobic then gay sexuality would be seen for what it is - as natural, unremarkable, and potentially Holy as the hetero kind - negating the need for people to so stridently make a big deal of their sexuality.

Also, from an evangelical perspective, although it's true that *all* sex outside of marriage is frowned upon, straight people have a means to express their sexuality (chaste dating hopefully leading to Marriage) whereas gay people do not. I'm worried that there's a a danger of evangelical churches soft-peddling their actual expectations of self-identifyingly gay members out of a desire to avoid being labled 'homophobic'.

Hope you keep up the blogging. You should do some on fitba or cricket :-)!

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