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Kenny Baillie

I once met a very impressive businessman in Hong Kong who had written a paper on leadership. This man was the epitome of integrity and I have the utmost respect for him and I try hard to live my life by the values he respects.
You are now in a position of leadership on AND off the rugby pitch. My friend once said of leadership:
"Leaders focus on doing the right things. Managers focus on doing things right."
As a leader you constantly have to assess if you are doing the right thing.
Sport is a funny business, but I'm sure you will measure success on how you went about your business.
Good luck!

Beat Attitude

Before we continue the service, I'd just like us to spend a few minutes in silent prayer... (glug glug glug)

(the connotations are wide-ranging!)

Definitely don't do any of that stuff Nick. Win fair and square or not at all. Those are always the only two options. Fakers, whiners, sneaks and cheats are only deluding themselves.

Beat Attitude

Susan T

I think I would ask you this in regard to your decisions about "how you play the game". My 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son have just begun playing for a youth team.

How would you teach *them* to play? What would you regard as appropriate team tactics to teach to the players of tomorrow?


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