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Silas? Rowan?

When I was at theological college, our neighbour got a mongrel and named it 'Runcie' (after the then AB of C), much to the annoyance of some. It works beautifully as a dog name, though it can sound like you named the dog after its position in the litter. Try calling it out!


I suggested Silas, but it was rebuffed by YKW!


I had an English teacher at school who had a mongrel called "Bitsa"

Cos he was bitsa this, and bitsa that, and bitsa something else as well......

I likes it.

tell YKW that Silas is a cool name!


Pete F

I've recently thought Keith was a great name for a dog. (Apologies to any non dog lover readers called Keith)
Hope you are both/all well.

sheer genius

you could try "handyman" if he keeps doing little jobs around the house or keeps making a bolt for the door!

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