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Hi Nick,

I've been asked this a couple of times recently, so I've started to answer on my (almost entirely unused-don't hold your breath for any new posts) blog. Check it out for the beginnings of an explanation

Graham C

Hey Nick...If your still confused after you've read michelle's explanation (which is rather awesome). Then i have some notes which explain it another way. Gimi a shout if you need them :)


Jurgen can explain it to you like I cant. He's very clever!!

Aged Chris

There are dozens of science fiction stories written round this phenomenon - you're not alone in finding it baffling. Time is elastic, as we know from daily experience. Time as a dimension in space is relative. I haven't yet read Michelle's text, and of course I'm a linguist, not a scientist, but I have read a lot of science fiction. Get stuck in and be amazed! (Just steer away from all that fantasy. Star Wars isn't science fiction; Isaac Asimov is. Take it from an old bigot.)

Simon Cox

Maybe his watch was slow?

Dave Slater

I have to agree that Michelle's explanation is great, but can also offer you a loan of Robert Heinlein's 'Time for the Stars', a book written around just this premise, if you want. It's one of his 'juvenile' books in that it's written for a teenage market but I still find it eminently readable aged 32 and it doesn't talk down to the reader. Plus Heinlein is my fav SF author which probably helps!

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