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Beat Attitude

You know when you've been PAP'd...

Hope it goes well

Ryan Dunne

Good luck. Sounds a bit like Anakin before the Jedi Council ;-).

old bat(g)

still splitting infinitives I see but I will certainly be holding you both in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow evening.


Hi Nick, Kelvin introduced me (and the rest of his Blog readers) to your blog a while back.
Thought I'd comment this post since my brother is going along a similar track to you.
I was just wondering where you had heard about this event and what's involved?


Hi Doug. The "event" is one of the stages in the selection process. In that respect it is something that every candidate will go through if/when their director of ordinands/bishop/provincial director of ordinands make the decision that the time is 'right'.

My reference to the fact that I will meet with other candidates is due to the fact that 3 or 4 candidates attend these panels.

Hope this helps!


Yea that does help, thankyou. Gordon knew about it but he said he wasn't at that stage yet.

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