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Here's something:

Try googling earthily-minded.


Very good, GV!


Funnily enough, I came across this post after doing a Google search inspired by your sermon.

To me, "earthly absent" makes no sense because earthly (despite its -ly ending) is an adjective and so can only be used to modify nouns (not adjectives like absent). "Earthily absent" has the advantage of grammatical correctness, but I'm not sure it has the correct meaning. If someone is earthily absent, they are absent in an earthy (ie a crude or simple) fashion.

Probably the best phrase to use would have been "absent from the earth", but that wouldn't have been quite so pithy.


PS I think "earthily-minded" would also be wrong because it is an adjective created by adding -ed to the phrase "earthily mind" and the adverb "earthily" cannot be used to modify the noum "mind". "Earthly-minded" would certainly be correct, but not really any help for writing your PowerPoint. Bit of a red-herring from GV I think!

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