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It was the greatest day yet, and the happiest wedding we've been to in a long time. Usually at weddings (etc) the different groups of people stick together in little cliques, but everybody mixed marvellously. You should be proud of having given so much joy to so many folk. Keep it up!


Congratulations! Hope the next few weeks' activities and travels go well.


Congrats Mr & Mrs Cox:)
Thinking of the stuff you were wanting to get rid of... If you can't find StS ppl or friends to , advertise on the Freeshare Glasgow yahoo group. Great way to pass on unwanted goods to someone else who needs them.. and a good way to pick up things you might need (we got a new microwave oven...)


Congratulations guys!

I heard a lovely story today from your Best Man's speech, it was so good the church office door had to be firmly CLOSED.....about someone's nostril and a dangly body part !?!?!?!?


Hi Nick. Glad you guys had a great day. Not sure if you got my text regarding the car. I know someone who is interested. Give me a shout and I'll fill you in!

Ali C

Congrats on the wedding Nick!

as for the citroen - why not post it on freecycle?

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