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Beat Attitude

I wonder what Iraq would have been like had we not invaded them, and Saddam was left in power. I wonder what message the other dictatorships around the world would have surmised from that. Would the world be a better, more stable place?

The problem with history is that you can only see what HAS happened, and not what MIGHT have happened. I don't know if there was ever going to be a positive outcome with Iraq, whether we attacked or resorted to other tactics.

Not saying I support the decision either (not well-enough informed to make that kind of judgement...and not many are, I'd wager).

I guess I sympathise with TB though. World leaders are always under pressure whatever choice they make. Dictators don't have those pressures, yet the other world leaders have to deal with these people.

It's a tough job playing chess with real lives, and I have respect for anyone with a conscience who is willing to step into the job and make those tough decisions.

It's an act of service and sacrifice and whatever else I think that demands a little respect.


Well said and thought out, both of you


You may well have believed him. I probably believed him too, but I fear that his usual 'Teflon Tony' antics have deflected what might otherwise stick to him. The fact is that whether he did what he thought was right for the country or not is beside the point - or rather, it's not so much beside the point as taken as a given. We assume (a big assumption) that whoever is governing does so on the basis that they think that their political philosophy is right and therefore acting according to that philosophy will produce the best results for the country, according to them. (There may be some leaders who are in it for the personal power and glory too, in which case 'what is best for the country' is identified with 'what is best for me')

The big problem I have is, where is the democratic accountability? We don't live in a democracy so much as a (hopefully benevolent) dicatatorship that happens to be elected. Blair, his Labour front- and back-benchers (largely) and the Tories too, voted about going into war without acknowledging the strength of feeling in the country against it. Now, fair enough, I believe that was the first time a decision about going to war has been voted on in Parliament, but what's the point of elected representatives if they don't represent the viewpoint of those they serve/were elected by?

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