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Mission Warrior

Many blessings for that exam Nick. You're in my prayers. Peace be with you.


your degree looks better then mine :p makes me wish I'm transfered... all the best with the exam, you'll be grand I am sure.
I'm thinking of trying women's rugby, I know you are not a women, but any tips?


Women's rugby...

My knowledge is actually pretty good having coached a high level women's team in England.

My advice would be to give it a shot - it is a good sport from a social perspective and from an 'all shapes and sizes' perspective.

But make sure that you have a gum shield (even just for trying out - knocked out teeth aren't nice!) - and the proper kit; boots/pads etc which will all help you avoid any accidents (I'm sure you'd be able to borrow that stuff).

Go for it - you can always say 'no' after the first evening of rolling around in the mud...

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