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Let me reassure you that there are some Scots (myself) who will cheer for England (and would even if I wasn't married to a Yorkshire lass)!

I think, however, the key to understanding this tendency may be captured in something I read once on the FIFA website, where Scotland's main rival was listed as England, but England's were Germany and Argentina. If you weren't a loving Christian, wouldn't you cheer for any other team who were playing against Argentina? Certainly in, say, 1987? Or if a team you wouldn't particularly support normally (e.g. Belgium) were playing Germany? It may have something to do with history - whether that's relatively recent football history (Hand of God, 1990 semi-final penalties, or the old Hampden/Wembley matches that used to go on), or political history (whether that's the Falklands War, WWI & II, 1707 Union, or the Thatcher years and Poll Tax). Sad but true - these things still have an effect (we are fallen humans rather than ideal ones, after all!).

Scuse my rambling. Blessings to you and the soon-to-be Mrs C.

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