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Beat Attitude

ah Nicko, you've got to allow for the concept of poetic license. Musical expression should be allowed a certain fluidity.In this case, God knows us individually, Jesus died in order to bring us into personal relationship with God: unless you believe that it was an exclusively corporate relationship God wanted with his people? The idea is that everyone sings the song, and everyone is included.

There's not agreeing with the core theology of a song, and there's pedantry :)

Songwriters are fallible and were it not for the existence of poetic license noone would write anything for fear of it being misunderstood.

The words of a song are often there to refine and focus the meaning of the music. Otherwise, we should just be reading liturgy all the time.

The music is there to facilitate the expression of feelings towards our creator.So while it's important to take a stand against lyrics that are grossly misleading, I'd say it's the attitude they're sung with that is important.

(any spelling mistakes in there?)


Personal but not private is how I would describe the relationship God wants with us.

I know what you mean about poetic license (being such a poet myself) but I'm not sure that I agree that it should extend to such an extent that we can make claims about God simply because they fit in with the tune.

Loving the little blog debate. Have a good holiday!

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