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Great to read your views on this Nick; I felt my house was a bit manic between 4 and 10 tonight, folks hanging out after a 4pm semi-formal meeting here, then cooking their own dinner and chilling out till it was time for them to go to another appointment, then the (VERY noisy!!) youth cell using the front room with their leaders, whilst my friends hung out in the kitchen, then more cooking and eating together at 8.30pm, then collapsing on sofas all the while two small children running round saying "can I say hello?": am very encouraged to read that such mayhem can actually be comfortable to someone coming in :-)

PS my small fry still looks for you at church!


Disturbing signs of incipient nest-building there, Nicholas. But while you're at it don't forget the need for a guest room to entertain extremely elderly fans of Nick Power.

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