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Graham Cuthbert

amen to that!


It's a little bit funny but I can remember Elton John when he first became famous.He's a perfect example of what makes the difference between a weekend pub singer and a superstar- a few original songs,with the talent to deliver them of course which he has bags of.
I seem to remember there was an attempt to do away with religion in Russia a while back that didn't work out. There are plenty of Christians and plenty of churches who are willing and delighted to accept gay people, to me it seems pointless for someone to greet about the ones who don't.
Who you are as a person is like a key and you won't be able to unlock every heart you meet, but there will be other hearts for whom you will be a perfect fit. So you shouldn't beat yourself up because one group of people don't like you you'd be better spending your time finding the people who do.

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