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Graham Cuthbert

Very interesting nick! I often say "good luck" and "that was lucky" but i guess i dont really believe in luck. After reading your thing it really got me thinking i looked up the google for definitions, there seemed to be 2: "Fortune..." and "An unknown and unpredictable phenomenon...". I definatly dont believe in the latter. as it says in Psalm 139:16
"All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"
So things aint random. Therefore that side of luck cant be true. Though the other side of luck ,fortune, is interesting. I guess (not hudgely thought bout it all) but we can be fortune eg. we have nice lives with little problems. Surly that is fortunate, therefore that is kinda of lucky?

To do with Predestination i use use an analegy.... Again from Pslam 139 this time verses 17-18: "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand..."

If thoughts are like grains of sand then we as humans can fit 9-10 buckets of sand into our bodys (if we hollowd ourselfs). And this is like how many thoughts we can hold. God can hold more thoughts (grains of sand) that all the sand in the world and we simple cannot fit so much sand (thoughts) into our bodys (minds)... its just not possible. So thats why we cant understand things like predestination, how can things be planned but also we have free will? God is the one who can understand these things, they somehow fit together but we cant comprehend it as we cant hold all his thoughts and thats why we dont get it.... sorry that we poorly explained but i hope u get me. Wat you think?

Thank you for a very thought provoking post! :D hope you didnt find my reply too boring (if u actually read it hehe) god bless

Not boring at all bro. I love that thought about hollowing our body out and filling it with sand but it still doesn't scratch the surface of what God knows... That's great! Where did you get it from - is it you own? Do you mind if I save it and use it as a sermon illustration sometime if appropriate?

Graham Cuthbert

Yeh i came up with it...god really helped me cos i was getin my head in quite a mess over the whole thing. Love that pslam and yeh deffo use it if u want :) i really enjoy your blog hehe god bless


Wow, Nick. I feel privileged to have prompted a post on your blog. (Though I guess that's what this blogging stuff is about; interacting back and forth with others!) Thanks for linking back to me, even though you had no idea who I was... and sorry that I had to find out IRL that you'd blogged on the subject. Must be more consistent in my blogging-on!

Don't be too harsh on yourself - two references to incoherence in one (actually fairly coherent) post!!

Thinking on a bit further, I'm wondering whether "luck" is just a label that we apply to a certain set of occurrences (whether "good" or "bad") that we were unable to predict, given our limited abilities. The 'outlawing' that I mentioned probably comes from a concern that belief in luck as something concrete or influencable (rather than a convenient label) could easily lead into superstition or worse - at any rate, leading us away from complete trust in Him.

I agree with Graham above about God looking after the connection between predestination and free will so we don't have to. I usually go with an illustration I heard from a speaker in SW England, Steve Double, that overall God has a direction planned for your life, like a series of linked fields separated by gates. You can go through a gate and explore the next field along with God, and have free will to decide where you wander within the field, perhaps even when you go through the next gate, but ultimately it's all planned out. And (to stretch the analogy to breaking point) if you want to exercise your will by going outside His, you can climb a fence and go off elsewhere but it won't be part of his plan. Freedom without (beneficial) limits is not true freedom - or is it?

I think it's great to see how open you are to thinking around and about new perspectives on theological matters; it's discouraging sometimes to meet those whose views are set in stone, never to change (also those who change with every prevailing wind...) - you keep a good balance.

BTW, is there a reason that you post your replies to comments as an edit within the body of the comment rather than just post a new comment yourself? It becomes a little confusing when you're not used to it - 'oh, this is someone else speaking now'. Just a wee thought! :)


There was a reason - I didn't want to make it look like more people were visiting the site than there were - but I fully take on board your comment and will hence forth forth with and from now reply by posting a new comment!

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