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Wood Street Girl

Hi Coxy,
Interesting post. I sometimes wonder where preachers start when they are preparing a sermon, so the insight to you thought process is enlightening.

If I can throw my two bits into the discussion on the harsh sermon you heard last week; my view is that if a message is preached without (or without enough) love and without respect for the people being preached at, then the spirit of the gospel of grace is lost. A harsh message delivered with genuine love and respect however, has almost a magnetic quality because the target audience sense that it is being delivered by someone who sincerely has their best interests at heart.


I used to worship in a church in Paisley the minister was an excellent preacher but out of the pulpit I found him rude and arrogant I didn't understand this for a while and then it clicked what he was doing was throwing himself upon God in his preaching but in his pastoral work he was relying on his own understanding and his own capabilities you could say he encouraged me to worship somewhere else by being rude to me whenever he was out of earshot of other people in the church.
I think a preacher has to consider that preaching and pastoral work are joined at the hip and both equally need wisdom and grace from the Lord

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