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There was a time when I would have found what is described in those results quite attractive, but having experienced the consequences of sleeping around - lack of self worth; shame; guilt; removal of deep joy from my life. I now worry and carry deep concern for young people in this place. I pray they can find the truth, self respect and joy for life that I am privileged to have discovered in Jesus and His family, the church.


I hate surveys and statistics they are mostly inaccurate and meaningless and I don't really care whose having sex with who or where or how often it's none of my business.
There is a fine line between being a Christian morals campaigner and being a totalitarian despot.

I understand what you mean about surveys/statistics but I feel that they do serve to give some level of information/insight.
Also I don't think that it's a case of being Christian moral campaigners, rather it is a case of needing to attempt to understand the different groups within our society. It's not a case of going out there and presenting these beliefs in campaign form, simply to be prepared to present a different way of living which people can hear about if/when they respond to the Spirit moving in their life.
I think it is also important that we pray for people who find themselves immersed within this culture, that they will realise that there is a better and different way (which we are privileged to know about since we came into relationship with Christ) to live. What do you think?


'To present a different way of living'
is not the gospel the gospel is to present Jesus Christ and him crucified for our sins. I know you will agree with this but lets not put the cart before the horse it's obvious that human morals can mean nothing to God unless they are the fruit of a genuine experience of Salvation.
Even the most devout people sin every day so we should not be surprised if people who are not devout also sin.

What I am getting at is the fact that at times we are unable to reach young people through becoming relevant to their lives. Instead we must pray and wait for that Spirit experience which will prompt them to want to change - as they come into an experience of Christ and the gospel message - and when things do provide them with a community that can help and support them as they try to change their way of living.


Here's my take on this. Instead of addressing the symptoms - promiscuity, drunkenness, etc. - let's ask about the cause. Why are young people doing this? What is it that they want to gain/experience? It can't be mere pleasure for pleasure's sake (how pleasurable is being sick? or meaningless anonymous sex?)

My gut feeling is that the sex is the expression of a great desire for intimacy - which their world is not offering. And the drugs/alcohol abuse is the expression of a search for transcendence - an experience of being beyond oneself.

Thing is, intimacy and transcendence are two things that the church should know all about - because we worship a God that is intimate and transcendent. This is our turf, and the Christian life should fulfil these young people's longings in a much more satisfying way than the cheap alternatives the world offers.

We must pray for the Holy Spirit to intervene, certainly. But the challenge to the church is to show this God to these young people in a way that rivals Ibiza - and is more satisfying in meeting the longing for intimacy and transcendence.

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