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I think the Christian Music and Drama society at St Andrews Uni has or had a committee post called 'Prayer and Party Convener'!

Sadly I didn't hear the interview, and it's probably too late to 'listen again'. I understand your feeling disturbed at his not ruling out extra-Christianity salvation (if I can call it that) but I suppose we have to remember that he's not just talking to the interviewer, giving his views on particular topics, but is on a national radio network. People may just tune in (literally, or else mentally start paying attention) for one part of the interview and if all they hear is something that they might dismiss as 'narrow minded', 'arrogant' or whatever then that could be someone else put off Christianity before they've met Christ? I'm not sure on this point, really just thinking out loud.

Besides (provocative comment time), isn't it possible that salvation *is* possible in other religions, as long as it's still salvation through Jesus? Or, where do you draw the line between Christianity and other religions? Seventh-Day Adventists used to be considered non-orthodox but now, I believe, are seen by some as more of another Christian denomination. What about churches where the teaching has gone off the rails - i.e. is no longer what we identify as 'Christian' - would people 'saved' there be genuinely saved? I know that ultimately it's up to God and all we can do is do our best to follow Christ and seek to lead others to and with Him.

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