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Should I imply from what you say that you have finally come to realise the value of those hymns that are in common usage - believe it or not, having read quite a lot of the psalms whilst we were on our walk ( Offa's Dyke from Prestatyn to Chepstow for those of you not in the know), I have started to appreciate some of the worship songs more and realise there origins. The big advantage of hymns however is that we sing them from beginning to end without countless repetitions and recapitulations and that helps keep them (and us) fresh and focussed on our worship.


Glad you enjoyed 2 days at Clan. For me the worship is one of the highlights of the week (and ive been going since '99). I've never felt so freely able to express my love and gratitude for Jesus than during the worship this year. Having left St Silas 18 months ago after being called to serve in the local parish church community where I live (rather than driving past it every Sunday) The traditional worship is something I have struggled to be inspired by...wanna swap ??!!


Re: hymns deffo in agreement - but that may be because I'm finding many modern songs are too focused on 'me' which frustrates me but there is another rant...

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