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Excellent post Nick, took me back to a memory from my youth!

I remember hearing Tony Campolo on a teaching tape challenging his listeners to get involved in random acts of kindness when I first became a Christian in the mid-80s (was that when you were born, Nick?!) - let's get this bit over with - I AM OLD! - he gave an example of paying the road toll for the person behind you in the queue at the toll booth, telling the attendant that you would like to pay for the person behind you as well (the attendant probably assumed you were travelling together; that way you told no lies!)

I and other members of our youth fellowship adapted this to the Scottish context by paying for the car behind on the Erskine Bridge or Forth Road Bridge - we had great fun, paying two tolls and then watching in the rearview mirror as the car behind us tore up really fast to mouth "thank you" or "why?" or (perhaps) "you're nuts!"

Hmmmmmmmm, we interpreted his message rather literally......!!

(oh for those hazy, lazy days of youth)


Coxy has nice hair.


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