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Amen brother. Whats surprising is how quickly its become a part of everyday culture. How do you sell a car, suncream, a holiday or a cheeseburger without relating it somehow to sex? You can't. And as Christians we get sucked into it to the point we dont even notice whats on these adverts we see between the news.

Its a battle really...


Sex is something that I no longer expect to understand,
it is by nature irrational - it is also obvious that for sex to be contained within a loving marriage relationship is the ideal - But we do not live in an ideal world.
I feel that much of the religious control over sex has a lot to do with hierarchical control over women, women to keep themselves pure for some Bam somewhere.

Mark Ingram

Lad, you strike a chord. This is something I'm struggling with teaching/communicating to the young people in my cell group. They are so used to all the sex-selling stuff that it doesn't offend or seem wrong to them. In fact, I'm seen as the one in the wrong because of my views on the whole thing.

What you said at the end of your post encourages and challenges...

"We can however trust that God in his power – should he so desire – can use our example to touch the lives of those around whom we live, and thank him that it is through Jesus that people come to Him and not us."



Things are no different here in the United States. As followers of Christ, we have to keep ourselves pure for marriage. As tough as that might be, we have to remain salt and light to this world. Strengthen your faith in God's Word and put on the full armor of God, so that you can make a stand against the evil one. The marketing power of sex isn't going to go away, but the closer I get to God, the less I'm pulled by the world into it's temptations. Blessings - Jamison - North Carolina, USA

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